Myanmar visa requirements for Bolivian citizens - Fees/Services in July 2024

Myanmar visa requirements for Bolivian citizens: Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and Bolivia are two countries located in two different corners of the world. Still, many Bolivians wish to visit this Southeast Asian nation every year.

It's essential to fully understand the Myanmar visa requirements for Bolivian citizens before they can visit the country. Burma is a captivating place with a unique culture, stunning landscapes, and hospitable locals.

Myanmar visa for Bolivian citizens - How to get a Myanmar eVisa from Bolivia?

Myanmar visa for Bolivian citizens - How to get a Myanmar e visa from Bolivia?

In this article, Myanmar Immigration Service will provide an overview of Myanmar visa requirements for Bolivian citizens wishing to visit Myanmar. We will discuss Myanmar e-visa fees and services, Myanmar visa types as well as the steps you need to take to apply online Myanmar e-visa for Bolivian citizens in the simplest and fastest way.

It's nice to know Bolivian nationals can be sure that your Myanmar e-visa process will go as smoothly as possible. After that, you can enjoy everything Myanmar offers on your trip. Let's see how it goes!

Let’s Check Myanmar Visa Requirements For Bolivian Citizens

  • Bolivia is not on the exempt country list for a Myanmar visa, so a Myanmar visa for Bolivian passport holders is REQUIRED.
  • Bolivian travelers need to apply for a Myanmar visa from Bolivia in advance to visit Myanmar. 

Several ways to apply for a Myanmar visa for Bolivian citizens, including:

  • If you are planning to visit Myanmar, the simplest and fastest way is to apply online for a Myanmar e-visa for Bolivian citizens.
  • Alternatively, Bolivian citizens can apply for a regular Myanmar visa at the Myanmar embassy in Bolivia or the consulate nearest prior to their arrival.

The general Myanmar visa requirements for Bolivian nationals are as follows:

  • Bolivian passports need to include accurate and comprehensive biographical data (no missing information or lines). It needs a validity period of at least six (06) months.
  • Bolivian applicant's individual color photograph (the photo needs to focus on the face of the applicant).
  • Before granting a Myanmar visa, the Myanmar Government requires Myanmar Travel Insurance.
  • A Covid Vaccination Certificate in English and documentation of at least two doses of the Covid vaccine are required from the applicant.

Check Myanmar e visa requirements for Bolivian citizen

Check Myanmar e-visa requirements for Bolivian citizens

About types of Myanmar visa for Bolivian citizens

  • Myanmar tourist visas may be available to Bolivian citizens who are only planning a short stay in Myanmar.
  • Bolivian citizens may need a Myanmar business visa if they intend to stay in Myanmar for longer or conduct business activities.

There are different types of Myanmar e-visas available for Bolivians, so choose the one that best suits your needs. 

  • Myanmar Tourist e visas: valid for 90 days, and Bolivian citizens can stay in Myanmar for 28 days from the arrival date and enter the country once. Myanmar tourist eVisa holders use it for leisure and tourism purposes.
  • Myanmar Business e visa: does not support this service yet.

No matter what type of Myanmar visa you need, be sure to start the application process well before your intended date of travel. Depending on the type of Myanmar e-visa for Bolivia citizens selected, the visa application processing time can take quite a while.

How to apply for Myanmar e-visa from Bolivia

To apply for the necessary Myanmar visa, you need to be a Bolivia citizen and submit an application to the Myanmar embassy in Bolivia, the consulate in your country or apply online for a Myanmar e-visa for Bolivian citizens through our website.

Myanmar e visa is a document issued to Bolivian citizens who wish to enter Myanmar. Luckily, this Myanmar e-visa application process is straightforward and fast for most people.

Prepare the necessary documents to apply for a Myanmar e visa

In addition to the Myanmar visa requirements we mentioned above, Bolivian citizens need to provide the following extra paperwork, depending on the type of Myanmar e-visa they are seeking for:

  • For Myanmar Tourist e-visa: Hotel booking confirmation and a return flight ticket
  • For Myanmar Business e visa: Company registration certificate and company extract are necessary documents

Apply for a Myanmar e-visa for Bolivian citizens by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Introduction of Bolivian citizens (name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number) should include information about your journey. Please make sure all information is accurate.
  • Step 2: Make payment for your Myanmar e-visa services and submit supporting documents to complete the Myanmar visa process.
  • Step 3: Bolivians can keep track of their Myanmar e-visa application status by checking the Myanmar visa check status system. Your email address will receive a notification when your Myanmar e-visa application has been approved.

To complete the Myanmar e-visa for Bolivian citizens process, it will only take about 10 - 15 minutes. Myanmar Immigration Services provides 24/7 assistance if Bolivians have any questions about Myanmar visas, please contact us.

Apply Myanmar e visa for Bolivian citizens online

Apply for Myanmar e-visa for Bolivian citizens online

All about Myanmar visa fees and services for Bolivian citizens

Myanmar Immigration Services offers several different Myanmar e-visa services, each with its own fee. 

Bolivian citizens need to select the Myanmar eVisa service that best suits their needs.

Myanmar e-visa services for Bolivian citizens

  • Normal Myanmar e-visa service: for Bolivian citizens who want to get Myanmar eVisa within 3 business days
  • Urgent Myanmar e-visa service: for Bolivians who would like to get Myanmar eVisa within 24 business hours
  • Super Urgent Myanmar e-visa service: the current fastest type of Myanmar visa service for Bolivian citizens who want to get a Myanmar e-visa within 5 business hours (apply for a Rush Myanmar e-visa)

Myanmar e-visa fee for Bolivian citizens

The cost of a Myanmar online visa includes two visa fees: Myanmar visa service fees and Myanmar Government fees. The Bolivian candidates must be paid to apply for Myanmar e-visa for Bolivian citizens.

Learn about Myanmar e visa fees for Bolivian citizens

Learn about Myanmar e-visa fees for Bolivian citizens

The Myanmar Government requires travelers to have Travel Insurance with COVID-19 coverage to obtain Myanmar visa approval. Myanmar Immigration Service offers Bolivians the opportunity to purchase it without any other information when applying for a Myanmar visa for Bolivian citizens.

The Myanmar embassy in Bolivia

  • The Embassy of Myanmar has yet to be established in Bolivia.
  • Therefore, citizens of Bolivia can contact and apply for their Myanmar visa at the nearest Myanmar embassies or consulates in their neighboring countries.

Link: Embassies of Myanmar.

Note about Myanmar e-visa for Bolivian travelers

  • At Myanmar airport, the Myanmar Immigration officers will charge an additional 3$ (USD) per day for Bolivian travelers with Myanmar tourist e-visas staying in Myanmar for more than 28 days.
  • Additionally, Bolivian citizens must have a valid passport for at least 6 months to legally enter Myanmar.