How to Apply for Myanmar Visa from Uruguay in April 2024

Here is some information if you are a Uruguayan citizen planning a trip to Myanmar. All the latest information about Myanmar visa requirements for Uruguayans, including how to apply and what documents are required. Let's go on an adventure with Myanmar Immigration Services!

1. Do Uruguay citizens need visa to enter Myanmar?

Yes. Uruguayan citizens must have a valid visa for their visit to Myanmar. You will need to apply for a Myanmar visa before entering because Uruguay is not on the list of visa-free nations.

What matters is how simple and straightforward the process is for obtaining a Myanmar visa for Uruguay. In this article, Myanmar Immigration Services will go over everything you need to know about getting your Myanmar visa.

Details of Myanmar Tourist Visa for Uruguay citizens

The Myanmar tourist e-visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance, and travelers are not allowed to spend longer than 28 days in the country. The length of stay in Myanmar is decided by the date the passenger enters.

Because a tourist e-visa is only valid for one entrance, you must apply for a new visa each time you visit Myanmar.

Understand more about Myanmar e-visa for Uruguay citziens

Understand more about Myanmar e-visa for Uruguay citizens

2. How to get a Myanmar visa from Uruguay?

With the advent of online visas, Uruguayans and international tourists who want to visit the beautiful country of Burma can apply for their visas in a more flexible manner.

Uruguay applicants can now apply for a Myanmar visa from anywhere in the world and at any convenient moment using only a device with an internet connection.

Get a tourist visa to visit magical Burma in three easy steps:

  • Step 1: To begin processing your Myanmar eVisa, complete the online application form with all the required information.
  • Step 2: Complete the form and pay. Always double-check your information to confirm its accuracy. Continue to the following stage in the visa fee payment process.
  • Step 3: Request an e-visa by mail. Please check your email for confirmation from us. Your Myanmar eVisa will be processed and emailed to you.

Make sure the smooth internet connection when apply Myanmar online visa from Uruguay

Make sure a smooth internet connection when applying Myanmar online visa from Uruguay

3. How much is the fee for a Myanmar visa for Uruguay citizens?

You must pay two types of Myanmar visa fees to obtain your visa to Myanmar: the visa service fee and the Myanmar Government fee.

Service Fee for Myanmar e-Visas

The service charge is the amount that the applicant must pay us in advance for services rendered during the Myanmar e-Visa online processing, which includes consulting about the e-Visa, receiving, checking the applicant's personal information, informing the status and result, and collecting the e-Visa from the Myanmar Government and sending it to the applicant in order for their visa to be stamped at the Myanmar port of entry when they arrive.

Myanmar e-Visa Government Fee

The government fee is the amount paid to the Myanmar Immigration Department by the applicant in order for the e-visa to be processed. Each applicant must pay this cost when applying for a Myanmar e-visa.

Any modifications made after the Government Fee has been paid will be charged as a new application.

Remember that the cost of Myanmar visa services varies depending on the type of rush visa you get. The larger the charge, the faster the processing time.

Myanmar online visa processing time

At Myanmar Immigration Services, we offer three levels of Myanmar e-visa services, including

  • Normal e-Visa (within 3 business days),
  • Urgent e-Visa (within 24 business hours).
  • Super Urgent e-Visa (within 5 business hours).

Myanmar online visa cost depend on type of visa services that you apply for

Myanmar online visa cost depends on the type of visa services that you apply for

4. Myanmar online visa for Uruguay citizens FAQs

For a deeper understanding of the Myanmar online visa for Uruguay citizens, let's visit the frequent question below:

How far in advance can I apply for a Myanmar e-visa for Uruguay citizens?

The visa processing times exclude weekends and public holidays. Therefore, you must ensure you complete your visa application accurately to avoid delays in its processing. We advise our customers to apply for a Myanmar visa 07 days before the trip.

What happens if I overstay in Myanmar?

If you stay longer than 28 days, you must pay an additional fee of $3 (USD) per day to the Immigration Officer at the airport.

Do I need to queue at Visa on arrival desk when I reach Myanmar with eVisa?

eVisa is not a Visa on Arrival hence there is no need to queue for any visa sticker. Proceed straight to the immigration counter when you arrive.

How many copies of the Myanmar visa approval must I print out?

You only need to print two copies. Once when you enter the country and once when you leave.

Do I need Travel Insurance to enter Myanmar?

Before traveling to Myanmar, we highly recommend you get Myanmar travel insurance. With this insurance, your visa is more easily approved by the government. In addition, it has many benefits for you when traveling in Myanmar including Medical Payments Coverage, No worry about Trip Delay, Trip Interruption, or Lost Baggage, Protect Your Benefit from Covid-19 Pandemic.

Don't pass up the chance to visit the wonderful country of Burma today. Myanmar Immigration Services is ready to assist you in obtaining the quickest tourist visa possible. Visit historic Buddhist temples and marvel at the gorgeous white beaches of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Begin right away!