What Are Myanmar Visa Requirements For French Citizens?

The process is straightforward, and all unnecessary steps are omitted. To receive a Myanmar e-Visa, French citizens just need to fulfill the following visa requirements:

  • French passports must contain complete biographical information (no missing data or lines) and must be valid for no less than six months from the entry date in Myanmar.
  • An individual color photograph of French citizens (the photograph must be crisp and focus on the face).
  • Myanmar Travel Insurance is required by the Government of Myanmar to process a Myanmar e-Visa application.
  • Covid Vaccination Certificate. French citizens need to have at least 2 doses of Covid Vaccination with a certificate in English.
  • For Myanmar Tourist e-visa: Hotel booking confirmation and a return flight ticket must be submitted.
  • For Myanmar Business e-visa: Company registration certificate and company extract are necessary documents.

If the traveler's plan does not follow the rules and regulations of the Myanmar e-Visa, travelers can apply for an alternative visa at the Myanmar Embassy in France.