Happy Myanmar Independence Day 2020

Myanmar celebrates Independence Day on 4th January every year to commemorate Myanmar's Declaration of Independence from the British Monarchy on January 4, 1948. On this one special day, all racial, cultural and political differences take a back seat and community come to together to celebrate. Celebrations are held across the nation in many different ways but the one great thing in common is the feeling and celebration of nationhood and community spirit.

Happy Myanmar Independence Day 2020

Festive activities such as concerts and friendly neighborhood football matches, games, sports competitions, poem recitals, sports such as marathon, etc. are held in towns and villages. At the end of the day when all competitions are over, including the poem recital contest, there are usually bigger celebrations in the evening with music concerts and or comedy shows together with the awarding of prizes ceremony to winners of competitions held earlier in the day.

There's no other day where the best and true human spirit of different races and ethnicities of Myanmar people unite to celebrate life, peace, love and unity as one nation!

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