How Long Can Chinese Citizens Stay In Myanmar With E-Visa?

With a digital visa issued by the government of Myanmar in 2024, Chinese people are permitted to travel into Myanmar. The increased number of Chinese tourists will have a big positive impact on the nation's economy.

Depending on the processing time they choose, Chinese visitors' time to get a visa for Myanmar will vary. It normally takes 1 to 3 business days to process an e-visa. This is supposed to be far faster than having to wait for a visa interview at an embassy or consulate. Chinese citizens must submit their applications at least 7 working days before their intended trip to Myanmar.

The Myanmar Immigration Services currently offers Chinese nationals one of two types of Myanmar e-visas:

  • Myanmar tourist e-visas are now accessible for Chinese citizens who want to visit the country for business or pleasure. This is a single-entry visa that entitles the bearer to a maximum of 28 days of residence in the nation.
  • Myanmar Business eVisa: For the purpose of engaging in business activities in Myanmar, Chinese tourists are granted this type of visa. A stay of up to 70 days is allowed within its 90-day validity span.

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Other types of Myanmar visas are available for persons traveling for health, education, or family and friend reasons. Chinese nationals need to go to the Myanmar Embassy in China or Consulate to get these sorts of visas.