What Are Myanmar Visa Requirements For Chinese Citizens?

The processing time for Myanmar e visa applications is also short—often between 05 working hours and 03 business days. Chinese nationals should therefore apply for a Myanmar e visa at least seven days prior to your intended trip.

The Myanmar e visa application requires complete personal data and passport information. After completing the form, passengers must pay the applicable Myanmar e visa fees and email a few additional documents that are required.

Chinese visitors are advised to download and print at least a copy of your Myanmar e visa after you receive it via email as well you can bring it with you on your journey. This is due to the fact that before allowing visitors to cross a border, an immigration officer will require them to provide a valid Myanmar visa in addition to your passport. Travelers from China must enter Myanmar using the same passport you used to apply for your visas.

Additionally, Chinese passengers must prepare the following documents in order to complete the application form of Myanmar visa for Chinese citizens:

  • A valid passport with more than two blank pages for visa stamps and a validity period of six months starting on the day of arrival
  • An electronic version of each applicant's portrait
  • The biographical page of a passport scan
  • The Myanmar government mandates Myanmar travel insurance for the e visa application process
  • Proof of vaccination against Covid-19
  • Myanmar tourist e visas require travel plans, including reservations for flights and hotels.