Who Needs a Myanmar Visa?

All nationalities are required to own a Myanmar visa to enter the country.

  • All Nationalities from the world who handle valid passports can apply eVisa in Myanmar
  • (Effective from 03 May 2010, Form available at the specific website, on Board and Airlines).
  • Passport must be left at least 6th Month validity on guests’ Arrival Day.
  • Visa on arrival fees must be directly paid in the Immigration Office at the Yangon Airport and Mandalay Airport only as following;
  • Bring along with 4×6 cm of two photos and have to take at least 300 USD or equivalent Money.
  • Travellers, who are going to visit Family Group, have to bring at least 600 USD or equivalent Money.
  • All Travellers have to stay Government Authorise Hotels and Motels in Myanmar.
  • All VOA Travellers are not allowed to visit Restricted Areas in Myanmar.
  • All Travellers must be presented Return Ticket from Myanmar.
  • If there is an overnight stay at the home of the relatives, the travellers must be informed of their staying Hotel or Travel Agency.
  • All VOA Travellers are allowed their stay in Myanmar according to the type of Visa.
    • (a) Tourist visa allowed 28 days stay in Myanmar and non-extendable.
    • (b) Business Visa allowed 70 Days stay in Myanmar and Extendable.
    • (c) Social visa is allowed a 28 Days stay in Myanmar and it is extendable.
    • (d) Transit visa allowed 24 Hours stay at the Airport.