Myanmar Embassy in Bulgaria Information

The Myanmar embassy in Bulgaria serves as a vital platform for nurturing diplomatic ties and facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and resources between Myanmar and Bulgaria. Myanmar Immigration Services is delighted to provide information about the Myanmar Embassy in Bulgaria.

Is there any Myanmar Embassy in Bulgaria?

No, there is not. The Myanmar Embassy has not been established in Bulgaria yet. As a result, individuals living in Bulgaria have the option to exclusively seek a Myanmar visa from the Myanmar Embassy located abroad.

List Myanmar embassies near Bulgaria

Please get in touch with and submit an application for a Myanmar visa at the closest Myanmar embassies or consulates in your home country or any other nation in person or by email before traveling to Myanmar.

The Myanmar embassy in Serbia also serves as Myanmar's official mission to Bulgaria so Bulgarians can visit there to apply for visas.

In addition, Bulgarian citizens can visit the Myanmar embassies near Bulgaria to apply for a visa. Get the detailed information here:

Consider applying for a visa online rather than at the Myanmar embassy

As Bulgaria is eligible for a Myanmar e visa, its passport holders can use this visa to enter the country. Citizens of Bulgaria are highly urged to choose the convenience of the Myanmar e-visa system to speed up the visa application procedure.

Myanmar online visa for Bulgarian citizens is valid for 90 days and stays up to 28 days for tourist e-visa. Follow our simple instructions to complete your visa application swiftly and secure your Myanmar e-visa promptly.

Note that, the Myanmar e-visa for Bulgarian citizens is exclusively for tourism. For other types of visits, kindly contact the Myanmar Embassy in your home country for further guidance.

It is time to get your Myanmar visa online. Now, apply with Myanmar Immigration Services and enjoy your extra free time.