Myanmar Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia

The Myanmar Embassy in Serbia is an office of communication between the Myanmar Government and Serbia. It operates as the official representative of Myanmar in Serbia. The following is essential information about the Myanmar Embassy in Serbia and the way which you can apply for your visa to Myanmar through.

Embassy of Myanmar in Serbia information

Myanmar embassy in Serbia was established in Belgrade. This is the sole Myanmar representation located in Serbia.

If you are living or residing in Serbia and planning a trip to Burma, you may want to know the address, phone, or office hours of the Embassy of Myanmar in Serbia. Here is some useful information for you.

Embassy of Myanmar in Belgrade, Serbia

Myanmar Embassy in Serbia service

To improve the links between the people of Myanmar and Serbia, the Myanmar embassy in Serbia is instrumental in sponsoring cultural events, economic missions, and educational exchanges. In addition, the services for:

  • Issuance/renewal of passports
  • Document notarization
  • Issuing visas to Myanmar
  • Providing assistance in case of emergencies for Burmar citizens residing in Serbia.

Please get in touch with the embassy of Myanmar in Serbia directly in order to confirm which services they are able to offer.

In addition, the Myanmar embassy in Belgrade serves as Myanmar's official mission not only in Serbia but also in Bulgaria and Slovakia.

How to apply for a visa at the Myanmar embassy in Serbia

Citizens or residents in Serbia can choose one of two options below to apply for a visa to Myanmar:

  • Directly contact and apply for your Myanmar Visa at the Myanmar Embassy in Serbia by yourself at the above address.
  • Apply for Myanmar e-Visa for time-saving. It is valid for 90 days for a Myanmar e-visa for tourism purposes. Serbians can stay up to 28 days for a tourist e-visa. In that way, you will get the Myanmar visa approval letter before leaving Serbia for Myanmar. Check Myanmar visa requirements for Serbian citizens to ensure a smooth application process.

Please contact Myanmar Immigration Services if you have any questions or need help.