Myanmar Embassy in Ankara, Turkey

The presence of a Myanmar Embassy in a foreign country plays a pivotal role in facilitating various diplomatic and consular activities. The Myanmar Embassy situated in Turkey serves as a crucial liaison point between Myanmar and the host country.

Is there a Myanmar Embassy in Turkey?

Yes. Myanmar has been established in Turkey, located at Ankara capital. Here are the details Myanmar embassy in Turkey information. Let's check!

Embassy of Myanmar in Ankara Contact

  • Address: Cetin Emec Bul Vari, 7 Cadde 55/4, Ankara, Turkey
  • Phone: (+ 90) 312 472 5078
  • Fax:  (+ 90) 312 472 5016
  • Email: [email protected]

The following services may be available at the Myanmar Embassy in Ankara

The diplomatic establishment acts as the fulcrum for fostering the bilateral relationship between Myanmar and Turkey. Its primary functions encompass:

  • Issuance/renewal of passports
  • Document notarization
  • Issuing visas to Myanmar
  • Offering assistance in case of emergencies for Myanmar citizens

How to apply for a visa at the Myanmar embassy in Turkey

The Myanmar Embassy in Turkey assumes a crucial role in facilitating the visa acquisition process for individuals intending to visit Myanmar from Turkey. For Turkey citizens seeking to complete the visa application procedure at the embassy, Gather all requisite documents.

Turkey is on the list of eligible countries for a Myanmar e-visa for tourism. Therefore, to apply for a Myanmar visa, Turkey nationals can apply by visa online visa system.

Valid for 90 days and Myanmar tourist e-visa for Turkey citizens can be extended for another 28 days. Check Myanmar visa requirements for Turkey citizens to ensure a smooth application process.

Please contact Myanmar Immigration Services if you have any questions or need help.